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(Today 12:24 AM)
Basically the Nordic
countries in
general. Besides the
metal that comes out
of that region,
there's also Norse
(influenced LOTR),
lots of history
(Vikings, culture,
etc.), and the
physical location
by: 323818  (10)
for: img# 44149

(Yesterday 11:38 PM)
Great Genes
by: andrew52  (10)
for: img# 44059

(Yesterday 09:02 PM)
lovely body! thanx
for the rating
by: daanma  (10)
for: img# 42243

(Yesterday 08:47 PM)
Why thank you for
that kind Sir

by: mimi  (10)
for: img# 33759

(Yesterday 03:28 PM)
Define Nordic stuff?

by: artemis18  (10)
for: img# 44149

(Yesterday 03:10 PM)
Great photo...thank
you for your
by: zinsazar  (10)
for: img# 44250

(Yesterday 02:55 PM)
Thank you for the
by: zinsazar  (10)
for: img# 30633

(Yesterday 02:31 PM)
Very sweet. Thank
you. Impy
by: mimi  (10)
for: img# 43280

(Yesterday 11:45 AM)
one word damn
by: sads81  (10)
for: img# 23431


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