Known Problematic ISP's


We've been having some difficulty with several ISP's and notification e-mails not getting to our members. Here is a listing of some of the issues we've run into, plus some general info on our setup.

Our Inbound Email Setup:

Our servers currently filter our incoming email against the Spamhaus SBL and XBL ( and Spamcop ( spam blacklisting services. This means e-mail coming directly from IP addresses listed by these three databases is automatically bounced back with a reason why. If you're using most web mail services or your ISP's mail server, your mail should go through unless your ISP:

  • Has been slacking off and harboring spammers.
  • Has a broken e-mail setup themselves and isn't listening to us.

Ether way, if you get a bounce from us saying you're listed, it's not you. It's not us nor Spamhaus or Spamcop either. It's your ISP, and you should be yelling at them.

Specific ISP Info:

AOL occasonally blocks us due to users indiscriminately clicking our e-mails as "This is Spam" instead of "Delete" in their AOL mail reader. When they do enough of them, AOL blocks mail from our servers. Our advice is to not signup with an AOL e-mail address because you may not receive the activation e-mail or any of the notification e-mails.

Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail
Sometimes these two tend to deliver e-mail from us to the Bulk folder. Please, whitelist us and mark those e-mails as not spam so Yahoo and Hotmail will get a clue.

Earthlink's spamblocker allows users to set their level of security. If you have set it to "HIGH" please whitelist us. If you set it to "MEDIUM" you should also save the spam for examination -- this doesn't cost you any room and lets you know how bad Earthlink is filtering.


Signup Verification E-mails
The signup verification e-mail may be delayed for up to an hour due to ISP's filtering e-mails just as we do. Just hang tight, you'll eventually get it.

Any other questions?
Click here to e-mail us.

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