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We are looking for volunteer model photos

We are in the development of a new logo for this website. We need several photos of people that are willing to volunteer their rights over for their photo to us for use in this project. This is strictly volunteer and unpaid and your photo will only be used for our logo project and nothing else. The one benefit you would get from this is that your picture would be seen by everyone that comes to this site. Your photo would receive a great deal of exposure. If this is the kind of exposure you would like than this might be for you, check out the simple requirements needed and if you are interested, fill out and submit the form below and give us the url to view your photo. If we are interested in your pic we will notify you by e-mail with a release form, note that we may receive alot of pics to review and cannot accept everyone, so please be understanding and don't spam us with e-mails on why we didn't get back with you or why we didn't accept your picture, Thankyou.

Here are the few simple requirements:

1. Quality of the photo is very important. The photos we need must be sharp and clear with alot of resolution, something preferably taken by a SLR camera and then scanned up with a high quality scanner. A very good digital camera with at least 3.0 megapixels or better would do fine as well as long as the lighting and overall attractiveness of the picture is ok. Also the photo needs to be a uncompressed .png, .jpg, or .gif file.

2. We are not to particular about the subject of the photo as long as the picture is of a good quality (race and gender does not matter) but we do require you to be at least 18 years old. Of course no nudity or anything else inappropriate, just a simple pose will do fine, but the more creative, attractive and professional looking the photo, the more chance it will be accepted. It does not matter if the picture is indoors or outdoors just as long as it is sharp and clear. That's about it, if you have any questions click here to e-mail us.

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We are taking applications for moderators

What does a moderator do?

Moderators are basically trustees to the website, unpaid volunteer screeners who are the first to view and review photos that are submitted to and decide which photos make it onto the site. They view every picture submitted and reject the nudity, ads, celebrities, jokes, and any other inappropriate stuff.

These are the requirements for becoming a moderator:

1. Your application comments (Tell us if you are serious, reliable etc. and have time to do this when you visit the site and why you want to review pictures.)
2. How many spots we have available. If no moderator spots are available, we might put you on the waiting list if we like your comments (We will also post here on the news page that we are not taking apps for moderators when the need arises.)
3. You must be willing to view some offensive pictures (some contain nudity, are gross etc.)
4. You must take this seriously. Accuracy, reliability and consistency is the most important part of being a moderator and if you are not being accurate in your reviews, your privileges to screen pictures will be terminated (Moderator reviews will be logged by actions, ip address and username.)
5. You must be at least 18 years old.

Note, please be understanding and don't spam us with e-mails on why we didn't accept you, we may receive alot of request and simply cannot accept everyone.

If you are interested and meet these requirements, fill out and submit the application form below, Thankyou.

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