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Picture Rules for

All pictures must follow these rules to get approved and be visible on the website.


Altered Content:

Pictures may not be extremly altered from their original form. Some alterations such as making your picture black and white will be allowed, but any alterations that cause the picture to drastically change your looks will be rejected.

Adult Content:

Any pictures that contain adult content or suggest adult content will be rejected and users account maybe removed and/or banned. Please keep in mind that allows people as young as the age of 14 to sign up.

Crooked / Side Ways:

Your picture may not be sideways or upside down as it makes it harder for the users to correctly view your picture.

Copyright / Logo:

Your picture may not contain a copyright or logo from another website, this includes URLs to other websites.

Duplicate Pictures / Or More Than One Account:

If you have duplicate/the same pictures they will be rejected or if you have more than one account you will also be rejected. As it states on the faq page all users are allowed one and only one account (excluding couples).

Face Cannot Be Seen:

This means that in your picture your face cannot be clearly seen. Your picture might be too dark, you might not be facing the camera, your face is hidden or it might be too small to see your face.

Fake Picture:

This means that your picture is believed to be fake and not you. does not allow pictures that are of models or celebrities. If your picture is rejected as a fake then the only way to get it approved again is to upload a valid salute and get it approved, please visit our salute page to learn more about saluting.

Note: If you do not salute within a certain time period after your picture has been rejected as a fake your account will automatically be deleted.

Grouped Picture:

There is more than one person in your picture and we do not know who you are in the picture. Please describe who you are in the picture by making an arrow that points to you and having the text “Me” by it or by describing yourself and others in the picture description or some other way to identify yourself in the picture. If your photo is of a female and a male, that will not be breaking the rule because users can see your gender from your profile. (This rule does not count for couples pictures as long as there is only one couple in the picture)

Invalid Picture:

The picture you have uploaded does not fall into any of our categories that we have or your picture is broken.

Picture Description Is Inappropriate

The description you have given your picture is inappropriate and will not be allowed.

Under The Age Of 14

The person in the picture is believed to be under the age of 14 years old. requires that all users must be at least 14 years old to have an account. Picture Rules
Effective: November 18, 2007

Questions or comments should be directed to the administrators.

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