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NOTE: Pictures are considered inappropriate for this site if they contain nudity, ads, children, copyrighted material, celebrities/models, group photos, or if the picture is not of a category listed above. Read our faq page.

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Only one account per person. You must have at least 1 valid picture on the site. If you have no pics our system will remove your account within hours. reserves all rights to edit all submitted pictures. We also reserve all rights to reject any image or delete any account without a reason.

What pictures are not accepted?

Pictures are inapropriate for this site if they contain nudity, celebrities, jokes, URLs, or if the picture is not of a category listed on the home page.

What is my Picture URL?

Your URL is the location on the internet where your picture is stored. If you need to upload your picture somewhere, here are some places you can do so: OnlineImageHost - Imgur - Imageshack
You may also upload images smaller than 250 kb directly from your harddisk to our server.

The following free services are not compatable (they will block the image): Yahoo Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod, Shutterfly, Lycos, Freeservers and many others.

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