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(Yesterday 10:10 AM)
Thanks, I appreciate
your vote, but I
know I do not
deserve as high a
score as you gave
me. Some people on
this website just
want to have a real
sense of the degree
of physical
attraction even if
it is not so good
how they think.
by: kemory  (10)
for: img# 18959

(08/14/17 02:01 AM)
Pretty eyes, cute
by: pete101  (10)
for: img# 23739

(08/12/17 12:20 PM)
by: omar23j  (10)
for: img# 40790

(08/10/17 08:14 PM)
Concurring with
what's already been
said. Parellel
universe Neil Young
wrote 'Hello
Cowgirl' for you
by: crunchyfrog  (10)
for: img# 18215

(08/10/17 05:58 AM)
by: pete101  (10)
for: img# 25914

(08/10/17 05:55 AM)
Very sweet
by: pete101  (10)
for: img# 18215

(08/10/17 05:54 AM)
Pretty girl
by: pete101  (10)
for: img# 66640

(08/10/17 05:53 AM)
by: pete101  (10)
for: img# 40755

(08/09/17 04:32 PM)

by: karma  (10)
for: img# 54431

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